You’ll be having a chill day at Xuma but when the clock hits 17:30 the Sunset Party begins. With it’s dynamic and tempting parties surprise DJ’s and live bands your evenings will be pure fun and joy. On our live stage we will be having every Tuesday Toygun Sozen, every Wednesday Ilhem , every Thursday Allen Hulsey and everyday DJ Cem Tunali. All season we will be housing to acoustic rock concerts every Friday and you can get your tickets from Xuma reception or Biletix. And you can also get your tickets for The Chill-Out Festival which will be on 1-2 August for the first time this year.

Xuma resident artists and performers


Our philosophy is creating healthy dishes with the best products of the environment. Representing this philosopy to the kitchen and presenting the gastronomical flavours prepared with natural, fresh and good quality ingredients.

Xuma’s kitchen, with Chef Mehmet Yücel has an all-day breakfast and a fine-dining-quality lunch menu that focuses on simply good food.
(Tuna tartare, artichoke salad, & grilled sword fish are highly recommended!)

For more detailed info, please feel free to download our Menu below



This coastal town called Yalıkavak is located on the northwest of the peninsula, it is home to the popular Xuma, an essential stop among Bodrum beaches where the green grass complements the blue Aegean. Although it’s famed for its sunset parties, the days are calm at Xuma and suitable for anyone who’d like a relaxing day at the beach with a variety of options for those who want to stay active.

Xuma is not only known for its legendary sunset parties but also for its gypset ambiance, where luxury and a gypsy soul complement one another. This year, along with this concept, two small boutiques will be opening, with a range of clothing and accessory items to please the gypsy in you. If you’re after some peace and quiet during the day, Xuma stays pretty calm until around 5pm in the afternoon.

Pilates & Fitness


Wellness Centre is rejuvenating with Istanbul’s BAPS (Body Arts Pilates Studio) onboard and with founder Taha Erpulat onsite to give private pilates lessons.

Baps is the only headquarter of Balanced Body University (BBU) where worldwide pilates instructors are raised, is now open and serving with special educated pilates instructors. Baps offers a synthesis of traditional pilates methods mixed with the modern fitness approach


If you’re after some peace and quiet during the day, Xuma stays pretty calm until around 5pm in the afternoon and it’s the perfect beach where greenery blends with the idyllic Aegean. Yoga, pilates, and various water sports are available here, too.

In Xuma, you can join our yoga sessions, we will organize a fully fledged yoga festival in the upcoming seasons with the finest yogis of planet earth.



At Reflexpoint, a worldwide brand, you can get reflexology or different types of massages according to your choices and needs, from our far eastern expert therapists.

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XUMA is the ultimate location with its natural beauty for your private parties, weddings, ceremonies and VIP events.

The prepared by Executive Chef Mehmet Yucel’s very special menu options are with you in your most pleasant and happy moments.
You dream, we make it happen.

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Berrge Water Sports is open all day and has a vareity of activities that every age can enjoy. Wakeboarding, Water skiing, Tubing, Jet Ski.


You can join our beach volleyball activities every day as well the famous tournaments every weekend sponsored by

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